Condensed Reference Checklist

The information on this page is not the complete version to submit with your proposal; download the required cover sheet and checklist here: [<.pdf> / < fillable.doc>] Please note that these documents are updated periodically, so be sure to use the most current version every time you apply.

Proposal narrative (no more than five pages):

The narrative must include all of the following, as succinctly as possible:

  • Description of Activity- Complete details of the project's specific elements.
  • Need - Explain why this project is important, its time urgency and how it will positively impact the current situation.
  • Qualifications - Describe the participant(s) in the project and organization. Provide examples of previous organizing and achievements.
  • Work Plan - Show a clear, concise, realistic timeline, with specifics of how you will accomplish goals.
  • Expected Outcome - State the anticipated results, and clearly explain how you will evaluate them.

Project and Organizational budgets

  • You must include your entire project budget, and list how you intend to spend requested grant money. Keep in mind that our grants currently range between $1,000(or less) and $3,000. Please do not ask for more than $3,000, or we will ask that you re-submit your proposal.
  • Also include a current organizational budget, and if possible a projected organizational budget for the following year (especially when applying for the November 1 grant cycle).
  • The Fund for Wild Nature does not fund general overhead expenses.
  • We DO NOT fund organizations with annual budgets in excess of $250,000.

Current balance sheet

Latest income statement

IRS Determination letter of tax exempt charitable status (or equivalent notification from Canadian Revenue Agency) for your organization or fiscal sponsor

Limited other material pertinent to the proposal - PLEASE LIMIT THIS - if possible, reference your website instead for such additional information.

Attach and send as a SINGLE pdf file (not to exceed 10MB) to: fwn@fundwildnature.org