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The Fund for Wild Nature provides grants to small groups who get things done, and we’ve been at it for over 30 years. Please see our History page for some highlights. Our Board of Directors is comprised of lifelong environmental activists who know which steps are needed to protect and restore species and habitat, and which strategies and tactics will work. We will direct your donation to where it is most needed.  Join us as an investor in wild nature!


The Fund for Wild Nature’s board is rooted in biocentrism and believes that native species and healthy ecosystems are too essential to be sacrificed. Wild areas are increasingly rare and under relentless pressure from a variety of threats. Yet these wild areas constitute the main reservoirs of biodiversity, and provide key scientific reference points for our understanding of the planet’s wondrous cycles of birth, life, death, and decay. Wild nature, and the native flora and fauna within, also provide priceless ecosystem services, including clean air, water, pollination, and climate regulation, which are vital to life on Earth.

Our goal is to fund groups that recognize the inherent value of wild places and work to preserve and protect natural systems. We support efforts that challenge destructive policies and actions: bold groups that often face tough odds and politically and economically powerful opponents. Hope for the future depends upon active, informed, and passionate people who defend wild nature. Our strength is in the groups we fund and the donors that give us the opportunity to invest in wild nature.

1 year ago
Grizzly Times

Louisa Willcox Column in Idaho State Journal Today: Grizzly Secrets

A memo recently leaked from the Trump administration to the Center for Biological Diversity confirmed that the U.S. Fish and ... See more

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