Why the Fund for Wild Nature?

The Fund for Wild Nature has been supporting bold grassroots activists for over 40 years.  We all benefit when nature is preserved or restored.  The passion and commitment of our grantees is why our all-volunteer board works to keep them fighting.  Our grantees challenge powerful, destructive entities with lawsuits, activism, and community organization.   They apply endless pressure, endlessly applied to affect positive change in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Our logo features the feisty American Badger, an animal well known for its determination and courage. Badgers generally do not seek out confrontations unless they are hunting, but they will effectively and bravely fight back to defend themselves, their families, and their home. The American Badger makes an excellent mascot for the Fund for Wild Nature since our grantees are consistently feisty and effective in their advocacy. In addition, the American Badger ranges across much of the United States and Canada, which is where our grantees do their important work.

For the equivalent of approximately one bitcoin, the Fund can support groups like Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Allegheny Defense Project, Raptors are the Solution, and Blue Mountains Biodiversity. Donate one or a fraction of bitcoin or any number of crypto currencies, and we’ll fund this life-saving work for the defense of wild nature. 







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